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Welcome, and thank you for clicking on my decidedly low tech web site.This fall, I will be running for my fourth term on Worthingtonís Board of Education. As I did in 2013, I will be running on my record in the hopes that if you like the direction our school district is headed, you will vote to retain the management structure of the district, including the Board of Education. Let me say up front that as a Board of Education member, I cannot and will not take credit for district accomplishments. That credit rightfully belongs to teachers, parents, students and administrators. I do take credit, however, for being part of the team exercising management oversight through policy over the various processes that comprise our school district.


I made a number of promises in 2013. I promised I wouldnít support a ballot issue for the entirety of my third term, and no ballot issues were necessary. I said I would advocate for technology integration in all aspects of teaching and learning and the district has responded with a massive infusion of Chromebooks, use of electronic resources where appropriate, new blended learning opportunities as well as a build out of an infrastructure to support the necessary bandwidth. I said I would advocate for additional transparency and a much greater focus on communications. The district has responded with a new web site, an intentional social media presence on Facebook and Twitter and a prolific blogging Superintendent who keeps our community informed as to all things Worthington Schools. I promised I would continue to advocate for additional choices for students. The district responded with our Blended Learning alternative high school option Ė the Worthington Academy as well as a dramatic expansion of career exploration options at the high schools.


The single most important job of a Board of Education is to hire and evaluate our top two administrators, the District Superintendent and the District Treasurer. The job of the evaluations is done by the Board President with input from all members. In 2016 as Board President, I converted our evaluation methodology to a standards based system based on the Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System (OSES). I share the results as an example of some of the work of the Board that goes on behind the scenes.


2016 Superintendent Evaluation††††††††††† 2016 Treasurer Evaluation


There is a lot of information on my low tech web site so feel free to browse around.I am most proud of our districtís record in four areas:financial,dealing with the challenges of a changing demographic, continuity and providing additional choices for students. In addition, Iíve made available speeches Iíve given at Board Meetings on the topic of the day. Agree or disagree, you will always know where I stand. Finally, there is contact information as well as social media accounts. Feel free to text me, email me, PM me on Facebook, Tweet to me on Twitter or just pick up the phone and call. Thank you for perusing my web site.


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